May 10, 2022

Tiger Face Blunt

Almost a year ago to the date, we jumped head first into making pre-rolls. We’ve all been taken aback by how much people have loved the convenience of being able to pick up our three packs, so it’s only natural that a year later we’re finally launching an infused blunt.

Our blunts, much like our pre-rolls, were a long journey of trying out a million different options to finally arrive on something we’d be excited to smoke. So, here’s a little insight into where we decided to take things:

The Wrap:

It’s always going to be what’s on the inside that counts, but we quickly realized the wrap was one of the most involved pieces of this whole process. A lot of wraps that are out there today try and replicate the flavour/experience of a Backwoods (🤤 Russian Cream) or a Swisher Sweets (RIP Chad Butler) but overall they miss the mark.  

On top of that, these flavoured wraps have an ingredient set that reads like a gr10 science quiz ❌, containing the likes of: cellulose, natural binder, food colouring, potassium sorbate, glycerin, etc.

So, we decided to stay away from the overly flavoured side of things, letting the terps of the weed shine. Of equal importance to us was the need to have a super slow burn, once again without the use of any additives. Naturally (you see what we did there?) we landed on launching our first blunt with King Palm wraps, made from all natural cordia leaf.

We really loved everything about the King Palm. From the slow burn and all natural flavour, down to the hand feel. Up next we needed to tackle what went inside.

What’s Inside:

It’s an ongoing debate at the farm right now which pre-roll we prefer. Some love the menthol flavour of Tiger Cake, while our esident gas heads are never putting down Animal Face. So, we figured we would just combine the two. Tiger Cake whole flower and Animal Face ice water hash, washed by the team over at Coulson Cannabis . The mix is about 70/30 dried flower/hash, totaling 1g (can it be a blunt ever be anything less?)


Our packaging follows our usual pre roll packaging, a glass tube with a cork in a pouch. The only important difference is the inclusion of a humidity pack to ensure both the leaf and the content are on point 👌.

Making the blunt:

Because you’ve made it this far and have decided to spend the better part of your day reading about our blunts, we’ll take a moment to be extremely honest. This project was a labour of love, with the emphasis on labour.

Unlike our pre-rolls, which are produced in a Furutola Knockbox, our blunts are hand filled and hand packed.

Long term we just don’t know if it’s going to be possible to continue with this passion project, but for now we’re just going to be refreshing our browsers to see when our blunts finally hit the shelves of our local retailer.  

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