Don’t just wear any T-Shirt, wear the one that lets all your friends know you smoke that good good. 100% cotton.

Tired of all the stains you’ve got on your beige hoodie? Let us introduce you to our medweight cotton/pollyester blend black crewneck.

Combat the pasties with our wide mouth Nalgene bottle. Made in the USA, free from botanical terpenes, distillate and BPA. 

Do you really need another rolling tray? Probably not, but dont let that stop you. 

Our tray features our Carmel wordmark on the top, with a sketch of our facility on the bottom. With the the overall dimensions of 270mmx160mm this tray is designed to suit all your rolling needs, unless of course you find yourself rolling Bam sized joints.

Whoever said completing a puzzle was a peaceful exercise never sat down to try and complete our 500 piece puzzle. 

Email us a photo of your completed puzzle and confirmation of purchase and we’ll send something your way!  

We never thought we’d sell Health Canada approved 🌳, we also never thought we would sell socks.

White cotton & polyester blend socks, featuring our embroidered wordmark. 

One size fits most, 9-12.


If you’ve had a chance to come to the facility, you know slides are essential kit for the grow team. While you might not average 12 shoe changes a day as you enter in and out of the gowning room, our white slides featuring an embossed orange Carmel wordmark will keep you comfortable all day long. 

Be sure to carefully review the size chart, unfortunately we can’t accept any returns! 


Working at a small grow means no job titles and everyone needs to pitch in. As such, one of our moms had to fire up the kiln to create a Carmel worthy piece. Each ashtray has its own unique shape and is produced in either a beige or orange colourway.

Shape and colour subject to change. 

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