Indica Dominant
18 - 24% THC


Frosty, Purple and Light Green

Dominant Terps

Limonelle, Caryophyllene, Alpha Pinene
Lime Slurpy, Candy, Menthol

This strain is a real frost monster and packs a big terp punch. Hints of lime green and purple hide behind tremendous amounts of resin covering the entire bud. The aromas are reminiscent of lime slurpy and flavours deliver notes of confectionery candy and menthol.


Bred by in house genetics, slurricane is created though crossing archive seed bank’s dosidos with a purple punch male.

Available Formats

Whole Flower

Packed in a nitrogen flushed bag ensuring terpene pop on opening

3x .35g

Coming Soon

Behind The Seeds

Slurricane, Day 42
Slurricane, Day 55
Slurricane, Harvest
Slurricane, Day 55
Slurricane, Day 43

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