Dark Helmet

Indica Dominant
17 - 23%


Dense, Purple Marbling, Orange Pistils

Dominant Terps

Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene
Jet Fuel, Key Lime Pie, Sugar Cookie

For us, this is the strain that started it all. Our master grower, Drew, developed a cult following off this rare genetic and today it continues to hold a special place for our team. This strain produces very dense and frosty buds. The initial scent of jet fuel is followed by pleasant flavours of lime and sugar cookies.


Bred by Ocean Grown Seeds, Dark Helmet is created by crossing Form Cut GSC & Jawa Pie

Available Formats

Whole Flower

Packed in a nitrogen flushed bag ensuring terpene pop on opening

3x .35g

Coming Soon

Behind The Seeds

Dark Helmet, Day 49
Dark Helmet, Day 52
Dark Helmet, Vegetation
Dark Helmet, Hang Dry

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